Anyone who has ever attended a body building competition knows that an essential element of the process is getting a tan. In order to perform well, you need to present yourself on stage in the best way possible and one element in doing that is spray tanning prior in order for the judges to easily see your physique. 

  • It is extremely important to follow the skin prep instructions given to you by the company you book with.
  • Only you have control over the condition of your skin when you arrive for you tan.

How does a competition tan differ from a regular spray tan? 
A competition tan is much more complex than a regular spray tan. Though it may be easier (because you can see the colour A LOT better), it's crucial that everything is absolutely perfect. If it’s not perfect it’s noticeable on stage. 

Competition tanning solution is a specialised product that is much different from the type of tanning solutions that are regularly used in tanning salons. You absolutely must use a tanning solution which is intended for body building/fitness competitions. Using any other type of solution will not produce a final colour that is dark enough under the bright stage lighting.

 What are the common mistakes competitors make when planning for their spray tan?

  • Clients don't prep properly. 

Using a loofah to exfoliate is NOT entirely effective. We always recommend using an exfoliating towel prior to spray tanning as it offers the best results with you being able to reach those hard areas such as your back.

  •  Many competitors don’t understand the process and attempt to change it. 

It’s important to trust the company you hire to do their job. They are experienced in the industry and understand what works well.

  • Clients don't shave their entire body

Any area that shows during the competition needs to be free of hair.

People tend to ask others who are not experts on competition spray tanning for advice.

Competition tanning is unique and best left in the hands of experienced professionals.

What's the best way to prep for a spray tan? 
1. Shave, shower and exfoliate for two days before your first tan.
2. Don't dehydrate your skin. Hydrated skin tans much better than dry skin.
3. We suggest the use of our  pH primer which restores skin pH levels for optimum self tanning.

How many tans are required pre-competition?  
The number of tans doesn't matter. Some people think they have to have five coats prior to a show, which isn’t necessarily true. Each company has their own process. 

BRONZON usually offers two sessions (your base tan a day or two before the show and one the day your'e stepping on stage) at events we are tanning onsite at. If you are applying our Bronzon Base Tan Mousse please refer to the tips to applying the mousse on this site.

Keep in mind that every company has different ways of spraying. Each "coat" is different at every place you go.

How can I find the best spray tan provider for my competition tan? 
This is REALLY challenging. People think that competition spray tanning is easy and you just paint the person until they're dark enough. That’s incorrect. The process is VERY important. 

Do I have to tan naked? 
For the most even tan with no visible tan lines, it is best to tan nude. However, if you are uncomfortable tanning nude your tan can be applied while wearing underwear but it is important to know that some tan lines may be visible.  Men may wear a black posing suit (or a sock) to their tanning session.  We also have disposable men’s thongs available along with Men's C Strings.

Be sure that whatever you decide to wear that it is SMALLER than what you’re wearing on stage. 
Women may (and should) tan nude with a female spray tech to avoid tan lines. Alternatively we have available for purchase Women's C Strings.

Will my spray tan get on my clothes and sheets when I sleep? Yes, your tan can rub off onto clothing, sheets, towels and other surfaces. You should wear loose, dark clothing after your tan has been applied. If you are staying at a hotel, it is best to bring your own sheets and towels to use to avoid extra cleaning charges from hotel. It will usually wash out of your clothing without staining.

What precautions should a competitor take after tanning to ensure the tan stays on until the show? Wear loose dark clothing. Any prolonged skin-on-skin contact will result in sweat marks. It is best to wear loose pants and a T-shirt. No elastic. And of course...don't sweat and be extra careful around liquids!

Do NOT wear anything red as the dye in these garments can turn your tan green. We highly suggest for women to purchase one of our Competitor robes which can be worn to and from your tan appointments along with providing coverage at your comp between divisions. 

How long can I expect the tan to stay on after the show? 

Expect the base tan to last about a week. Your competition tan top coat should mostly wash off with your first couple of showers.

To help with your tan removal purchase our Bronzon TAN AWAY Tan removing mousse. Tans don't always fade evenly so be sure to moisturise with a product that does NOT contain alcohol or mineral oil.