Performance tans factor hugely into your final scores, so competitors want to be sure that their tan is highlighting all their hard work rather than hiding it within a blanket of super-dark tan.

At Bronzon we have you the competitors best interests at heart and have designed our Base Tan Mousse to save you time and money and allow you to apply this part of your tanning procedure for a comp yourself in the comfort of your own home.


For best skin preparation, use our PH Prep (self apply).
Start using this product 2-4 weeks out from competition, it’s available in a handy 200ml at home size on our website.

Step 1
Immediately before you start your self tan application, apply PH Prep and allow this 5 minutes to set.
Competitors all prepare differently, dieting, dehydrating, intense training these all have the ability to give differing results when tanning. PH Prep neutrilises these factors and allows for perfect colour development.

Step 2 
Apply a thin layer of Bronzon Base Tan Mousse to your entire body (not your face) 
You don’t need to use crazy amounts of our base tan product, sheer is best. Simply ensure the product is flawlessly applied and evenly dispersed.
Allow to dry for approximately 10 minutes.

Step 3 
Apply your second coat. You can afford to be heavy with this application.
Our Bronzon Base Tan Mousse is designed to build colour, this coat will develop much darker based on the good work you have done with the first coat underneath.

Step 4

Leave product on the skin for a minimum of 8 hours, you can sleep in it if you wish. Your first shower should be with cold water so as not to interrupt the tan development, luke warm will be okay if you cannot tolerate the cold.
Please ensure you remove all cosmetic bronzer.

Your tan will appear quite light this is normal so dont peak out, the bronzer that has rinsed off will now be replaced by your developing tan over the next 24 hours.

Step 5

Assess your colouring 24 hours after initial application, if you feel more colour is required then please repeat the above steps again the next day or day after.


SATURDAY COMP - apply two coats of base tan mousse Tuesday night and sleep in your tan, rinse Wednesday morning then apply two coats Thursday night sleep in it and rinse Friday morning.

SUNDAY COMP - apply two coats of base tan mousse Wednesday night and sleep in your tan, rinse Thursday morning then apply two coats Friday night sleep in it and rinse Saturday morning.

It is important to remember that a base tan is just that a BASE TAN it is used to even out skin tone leading up to your all important TOP COAT APPLICATION.
A base tan is not designed to be as dark as your stage tan so dont stress if you feel that you arent dark enough. TOP COAT WORKS WONDERS
There is absolutely no need to sleep in your base tan the night before a comp and not wash it off before your top coat application.
Personally we find this method not only uncomfortable for athletes but it can result in an uneven top coat application on comp day.