Its the Finishing Touches that make all the difference
If you are competing it is important to make sure that you make sure you include those finishing touches that make all the difference to your stage presentation.
Those finishing touches include having a great tan, this applies to both male and female competitors, and for the girls having well presented hair and makeup.

 A great tan can make all the difference when competing in tough line ups! 
Never underestimate the importance of having a great tan when stepping onto a competition stage or taking part in a professional photo shoot.
It's often surprising how many competitors neglect the final details that can make all the difference after spending 12-16 weeks preparing for a show!

 A poor tan can cost you a title.

Under the harsh stage lights even what appears to be an "ok tan" under ordinary lights will look washed out and pale onstage.
This is why it is "Vital" to use a professional tanning service to ensure your tan is both dark, even and the colour is good.
Don't throw away weeks of hard training and dieting by coming in with a pale washed out skin colour. 


We are  a team of highly experienced spray tanners hand picked from around Australia to provide professional expert applied competition tans.
Our speciality is Competition Tanning and this is where we excel.
We have participated in numerous Local, Interstate and National shows across Australia & New Zealand for all Federations.
We ensure that with our industry knowledge and experience that our Competition Tanning range of products will enhance your look and allow for you to shine on stage.

We are confident our entire range of tanning products & tanning service is

  • Competition quality
  • Expertly applied ensuring a flawless finish
  • Matched to the Division you are entering for your show
  • Will bring out maximum definition and detail
  • Will not be washed out due to the lighting from harsh stage lights
We work alongside many Australian Head Judges closely across all Federations and understand the importance and quality of tans required for athletes to be judged accordingly.
You can display the perfect physique on stage but if your tan is not what it should be, you will be marked down resulting in a lower placing!

We give back to the sport of Body building & Fitness and to the Athletes by Sponsoring most shows we are involved with, and by making the sport and our tanning service more accessible and affordable.

Let us prepare you for your next body building competition and perfect the tanning details needed to give you the necessary edge.

Using a Professional Competition solution is vital.
  • A dark competition spray tan is required to emphasise muscle definition when you're on stage under hot, reflective lights. 

Different tanning companies use different formulas that can react differently with your body chemistry, causing them to alter the hue of the final colour, the overall darkness,and the number of coats needed. 

Choosing the formula that works best for you and that's applied by an experienced technician can be the difference between a great, even colour and a blotchy, streaky mess.

  • A competitor who chooses a tan that does not react well with their body chemistry could start off a show looking green. 
  • Mistakes also occur if you hire an inexperienced technician who applies the tan too heavily, causing streaks and blotchiness.
  • Judges take the quality of your tan and complexion into consideration. 


You don't want to be the competitor who stands out for all the wrong reasons.